Mon. Apr 6th, 2020

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No Time To Waste

Business Books Entrepreneurs Need to Read

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Every entrepreneur needs two things: The first is a reliable internet connection. The second is a go-to stack of business books to check out during those fleeting moments between latté-laden meetings and layovers between connecting flights. If your required reading list is lagging or you just crave an infusion of ideas, pick up a few or all of the following reads. Each tackles a different element of professional life, offering insights and sparking the construction of new neural paths.

Conventional wisdom says the route to entrepreneurial success involves bootstrapping a seed idea and surviving a bumpy beginning. Walker Deibel throws shade on this myth. He recommends acquisition entrepreneurship instead: Buy an established company with existing traction and skip those killer startup phase headaches. Deibel’s track record includes acquiring several businesses and transitioning ownership within a few months. If I were itching to put another brand under my belt, Deibel’s instructive manual would be my definitive guide.

Heard of “interleaving”? This thought process occurs when we apply a jack-of-all-trades mentality to problems. By creatively using what we know to assess and solve the unknown, we welcome true innovation. For David Epstein, interleaving requires us to let go of our penchant for hyper-specialization, which schools use to direct students toward well-defined career paths rather than promoting exploration. As a die-hard dabbler, I appreciated this book for its support of across-the-board experimentation in search of greatness.